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I do not want your crappy guest post, "sponsored article", or worthless infographic.  My site is not a toy for you to play search engine games with.

If you weren't a blithering idiot you would have noticed that this site isn't monetized.  Further, my search rankings are better than yours anyway.

I do NOT trade links.

I will NOT trade links with you. Do not ask. Link trading is stupid and offensive. You're basically telling me, "Hi, your site sucks. If I thought it would benefit my readers then I would have linked to it already. But I want a link to my site so I'm willing to link to your crappy site if you link to mine. My site is pretty sorry also, and I know you wouldn't link to it unless you were getting a return link." More info here.

I won't join your affiliate program.  I'm not interested.

I don't sell advertising on this site.  You can't buy it.

Why would I want to buy advertising for a site that isn't monetized and is already killing it in the SERPs?  I don't buy advertising.

I'm sorry, I don't answer questions for the general public.  I have literally thousands of messages in my In Box and it's not possible for me to be a free helpdesk for the whole world.

I don't have them.  Obviously if I did I would have listed that.

I want to suggest collision #11 for the article.

I'm sorry, this article is NOT intended to be a comprehensive manual on bike safety; it's 10 ways to not get hit by cars. The "10" is intentional.  The article is popular and accessible precisely because it's a good size to read—long enough that people can see it has useful information, but short enough that they'll actually do so.  If I added all the suggestions people have made over the years the article would be five times as long and no one would read it.

I want to notify you of a correction.

Please send your correction to: corrections-ONLY{at}

I'm from the media and want to interview you.

For journalists ONLY who want to interview me, write to: media-requests-ONLY{at}

I disagree with you about helmets.

Save it. Of all the messages I've received about my article about helmets, 100% of the senders either didn't read or didn't understand my points.  Or they wanted to share anecdotal evidence, which is completely useless.  So after subjecting myself to a lot of argumentative email, much of it insulting, and none of it illuminating, I finally decided to put up this notice instead, stating that I'm no longer accepting messages about that article.  If it's really important for you for your voice to be heard about this, then simply do what I did: Write up your thoughts and put them on the Internet.  When you do, you can be sure that *I* will not write to *you* to complain about what you've written.

I want to let you know of a new translation of How to Not Get Hit By Cars.

Write to me at: translations-ONLY{at}

I want to reprint the "How to Not Get Hit by Cars" article.

If you're not charging for the reprint, or the reprint will be in a bicycle club newsletter (that members have to pay for) then see the very generous terms of my reprint permission from the top of every page.  (If you're not seeing the actual reprint permission, be sure to look in the right-hand sidebar).  If you insist on wasting my time by "double-checking" with me about whether you can reprint, then my answer will be No, you may not reprint.

If your reprint will be in a for-profit commercial publication (i.e., in a magazine), then make me an offer at: commercial-reprint{at}


I want you to thank you for the site.

Thanks aren't necessary, I'm just glad to help.  My sites get thousands of visitors a day, and when even a fraction of them send me personal thanks, then that's a lot of extra mail for me—and I already have several thousand messages in my In Box.  So I appreciate your wanting to thank me personally, but it isn't necessary.  I know you liked it, because every day more and more people talk it up on messageboards and link to it, so your good wishes successfully made it to me in spirit anyway.  (That's the best way you can thank me, by the way, by promoting the article.)  And even though I don't know who you are, I wrote this note for you, so consider that we shared something special together in this little paragraph.

Other reason (not listed above).

99% of those who choose "Other" in fact missed the correct choice which does appear in the list.  So, go back and look for the correct option.  If you're certain that your option isn't listed, then use this address:

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